Timeline of Vygotsky's Personal and Professional Life

1896 Lev Vygotsky is born in Belarus into a well to do Russian family.


1917 L.V. graduates from the University of Moscow with a degree in Law. The Russian Revolution takes place, the Czar is ousted and a Socialist government is implemented. L.V. teaches for 7 years.
1920 L.V. continues self directed studies in Philosophy and Language.
1924 L.V. work emphasizes language and speech.

1934 L.V. writes important article, Thought and Language. Inner speech has been a topic of Soviet psychology. He assimilates the work of Piaget. L.V. dies at the age of 38.

1962 His work is translated and recognized in the Western world.
1976 Brunner and Ross invent the term scaffolding which has correlative meaning with ZPD.